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TV anime Noragami, approaching the domestic and overseas market.

Main character Yato, high school girl Hiyori Iki, Yato's regalia, and Yukine's three bonds of friendship are depicted dynamically and in detail by Studio ""Bones.""
It is a manga for boys. Main character Yato's heavy past and Yukine and Hiyori's troubles are written dramatically and dynamically to draw in the viewer with empathy. An anime you would like.
Even before broadcasting it in Japan, we approached the overseas market. It was to increase the awareness overseas and develop the business end.
With the target firmly in sight, the cast and staff are strategically involved in PR.


  • Production and Financing of Animation/Film Works
  • Planning and Creation of Package Design
  • Sales and Distribution of Blu-rays/DVDs/CDs
  • Live Event Presentation



TV broadcasting

By showing a high-quality video at an early stage, we drew the attention of viewers. PR activities linked to the anime: ・Since Yato the main character uses a cell phone to receive work, the "Yato phone" enabling real phone calls was employed. One million calls were made! ・Since the Seven Gods of Good Fortune appear in the anime, the "Zoshigaya Seven Lucky Gods Tour" was held. On the official website, something interesting is offered regularly. ・"Yato paper fortune" started, "New Year's illustration" posted, April Fool's "Noraneko" posted, etc.


    In Singapore (AFA), the world's fastest premium screening of Episode 1 was held.

      Collaboration with other works.

      Before the broadcast, a joint pre-screening event was held with "hamatora." Right before the last episode, a joint last episode pre-screening event was held with "SPACE DANDY."


        Held a paid event at Maihama Amphitheatre to mark the end of the broadcast.

        Since so many people in Japan applied to attend the event, a live viewing of the event was also provided in Japan. In addition, in response to the strong demand from overseas, live broadcasting was also provided in Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong.


          TV anime series / from January 2014 / MBS・TOKYO MX・TV Aichi and BS11

          Created by:Adachitoka (Monthly Shonen Magazine, Kodansha)
          Director: Kotaro Tamura, Series configuration: Akao Deko, Character Design: Toshihiro Kawamoto, Production: Bones
          Cast: Yato: Kamiya Hiroshi / Hiyori Iki: Maaya Uchida / Yukine: Kaji Yuki / kofuku: Aki Toyosaki / Daikoku: Daisuke Ono / Bishamon: Miyuki Sawashiro / Kazuma: Jun Fukuyama / others
          OP theme: Goya no Machiawase, Singer: Hello Sleepwalkers (A-sketch)
          ED theme: Heart Realize, Singer: Tia (DIVEⅡ entertainment)

          Official site:
          © Adachitoka and Kodansha and Noragami Production Committee