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Our business has evolved out of visual media such as animation and live action films.
We provide services to draw out our media's maximum potential
from individual businesses in each and every genre, to all business model directions (360°) .

We aim to maximize hit potential through visual production.

In addition to participating in production committees, we aim to do our part in the film market in a variety of ways, including net investment and contributing to supply fees. Whether the project comes from our own company or another, regardless of our stake in that company, every member of our production team will endeavor to create a hit product and maximize hit potential.

Packaging is designed and created to meet our customers' needs.

We have specialists for every individual genre we work with, including animation, voice acting, movies, TV, and foreign media, making us your one-stop solution for everything from master production and plan of the privilege thing through to the manufacture of the final product.

We actively maintain broadcast and digital distribution rights.

We have departments that specialize in the sale of media content such as film, TV shows, and variety programs, both foreign and domestic. In addition to the window rights for products our company produced, funded, or purchased, we will actively protect the rights of our clients through consignment or sublicensing according to their needs.

We deliver products to customers anywhere in Japan.

We have exclusive contracts with retailers all over Japan, and will distribute products through internet sellers in addition to physical stores. We handle the distribution of other companies' products as well as our own. We are working to open up new sales channels to complement our existing CD/DVD shops in order to meet the diversity of our customers' needs.

We sell products related to our franchises through our company's own platform.

ani★mu-momu-mo shop

We develop the management of our voice actors and artists working in the animation and music industries.

The six-girl voice acting and vocal idol group i☆Ris and the seven-girl voice acting idol group Wake Up, Girls!, created for an idol anime set in the Tohoku region, were selected in a joint audition with 81 Produce. Finally, focusing on Tatsuyuki Kobayashi, winner of the Seventh Animax Anison Grand Prix, we will manage these diverse talents active in a variety of areas.

We are making our management more three dimensional.

The official fan club for our company's Wake Up, Girls!, was established and launched in March 2015. Through our fan club services, we can deliver satisfying services to our customers using less public methods of communication. We are planning on working with fan club management for other companies' voice actors, artists, and media contents in the future as well.

We deliver real excitement and real emotion to our customers.

Today, we support the market through the popularity of our voice actors' performances as well as through the popularity of our animated works, just as our customers' needs shift towards real experience. To meet those needs, we plan and host all kinds of events and live performances, both large and small-scale, alongside our production of visual media. Our company is able to handle these events through creation, promotion, ticket sales, management, and selling goods and pamphlets. We will also work on creating and running events based on media content licensed to us by other companies.

You cannot avoid working with theaters in the movie business.

We have a dedicated distribution team, ready to provide entertainment that audiences can enjoy through film distribution, non-film content, live events, and screenings of works that our company has purchased or financed. From promotion through distribution to the planning and distribution of merchandise and sales of pamphlets, you can trust us to handle your business at the theater.

We take all of the business opportunities provided to create products.

There are those who love our works, those who cherish our characters, and those who come to our events. We actively pursue the creation and sale of merchandise in order to form a closer bond with our customers. We make customer satisfaction our motto when developing products, taking planning, design, and pricing into account, and you can leave distribution and inventory management to us.

Putting entertainment in the palm of your hand.

Alongside the spread of smartphones, game apps are booming in popularity as a way of converting those few extra bits of spare time into entertainment. Our company has only just recently entered this market in the process of our diversification, but we intend to actively pursue development and enter the industry on the basis of our company's properties.

We make use of our existing media to propose new businesses.

We are in the process of creating new opportunities for profit in a variety of areas, such as event sponsorship for events put on by our company, making use of our company's artists for artist tie-ins, and merchandising based on our artists and media properties.